Points of Interest

Various venues came into play in the advancement of Elizabeth Blackwell's life.  Listed below are links to the more important locations and related topics germane to Elizabeth's pursuit of a medical degree and excellence in her life.

Geneva College School of Medicine -- Read a brief history of the Geneva Medical School where Elizabeth obtained her medical degree: Geneva College Medical School history

Blockley AlmsHouse -- Review a brief historic look at the hospital where Elizabeth, in her studies, discovered the true meaning of poverty and deprivation.  Blockley Almshouse 

Saint Bartholomew Hospital, London --  Explore details of the hospital where Elizabeth finally was able to do her post graduate work and become certified.  Saint. Bartholomew's

New York Infirmary for Women and Children --  Read a brief history of the hospital established by Elizabeth on May 12, 1857 that continues to serve patients today.  Elizabeth's Infirmary

Saint Munn Church in Kilmun, Scotland -  read about the church and its history where Elizabeth is buried.  Saint Munn's Church