In the early 1800's women had very few rights. Thus when Elizabeth Blackwell destroyed the taboos against women becoming physicians it was not a single victory but a collective one.  Because of that, opportunities soon opened to destroy all other restrictions against women.

As would be expected, Elizabeth's victory was not without consequences. The attitude of society at that time was to attack any woman who dared to step out of her position.  For someone such as Elizabeth Blackwell to attempt challenging the system was tantamount to inviting the wrath of society, to be ostracized through humiliation and degradation.

While America pays high tribute to those who conquer the impossible, such as Charles Lindbergh, Martin Luther King and Helen Keller, they remain on the visible side of courage. But there are those heroes such as Elizabeth Blackwell who achieve greatness practically unnoticed and she like the others sits on the other side of courage.

The life of Elizabeth Blackwell is an amazing sojourn through determination against adversity with triumphs over the impossible.  The Other Side of Courage - The Saga of Elizabeth Blackwell presents that amazing life and brings encouragement and inspiration to all.